Hello, I'm Nova.
I believe in the magic of laughter and a good book, taking too many photographs and staying up too late.
I live off of movies, music, books and coffee, my biggest passions are travel and everything related to cinema.
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I'm online as always! And on holiday!
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Vintage/personal blog

 vintage/personal blog

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My dream would probably be to direct a Doctor Who episode and do a huge special where I just slap Moffat in the face and ruin everything he created just so he’ll see how it is. 

And then I’ll invite all the old cast back to the show and give the viewers some Rose/9 and I’ll make Donna force Jack to go out with her and have him sneak away to spend the night with Ianto and Martha and Mickey are going to sit down with Amy and River as they laugh at their respective Doctors arguing over the proper treatment of the TARDIS, and have Rory and Clara be the responsible ones that make tea and pull the Doctors apart when they start insulting each others’ noses. 

Anonymous asked:
But I really can't. And you see, it pains me terribly that I must torment you so, but alas that is life, isn't it?

…. see, now your evil is showing haha. I like it.

But seriously. Tell me everything. 

Anonymous asked:
Hmmm.... Well... I'm afraid if I told you any secrets it might give away my very secret identity.

See now you’re just teasing me. THIS ISN’T FAIR stop preying on my stupidity haha. Tell me allll of your secrets.

Anonymous asked:
I guess. I don't know. Got any ssssssecrets you wanna ssssshare with your anon?

Oooh do you speak Parseltongue haha? And nooo not really on my blog for everyone to see, so we’re going to skip that haha. Any secrets for me?

Anonymous asked:
Welllll.... I think I'll go with red. Or blue. I always wished I had blue eyes.

Oooh okay, I like blue eyes… but I prefer brown. Idk they look warmer. 

anywhere i would have followed you
you’re the one that i love
and i’m saying goodbye
i’m sorry that i couldn’t get to you 
Anonymous asked:
Well then I'm evil and amused! What's your favorite color?

Very well then haha. Uhmm… blue, I suppose? I don’t know. Not orange. What about you, mystery person?